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Samuel Gill

With two decades of leadership training experience, Samuel can bring insight & clarity to your coaching needs.


Check out Sam’s blog posts where you’ll find some of his reflections & musings on life.


Wondering if having a Life Coach is for you? Become one of the many who’ve benefited from Sam’s wisdom.

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Life Purpose Academy

If you are a Christ follower in the mid-life range and need help to:

Determine the focus of the next phase of your life,
Find a clear purpose for your life,
Clarify your identity at this time of life,

then Life Purpose Academy is designed for you…

During our time together in a mentoring relationship I grew in my self-awareness and emotional maturity.

While it is difficult to look back over your past … it was good to also reflect on the blessings God poured out over my story.

I finished my coaching time with a defined mission and discovering what are my gifts.

Lost and Found

  Ever misplaced something and feared it was lost? When you found it remember the relief you felt once it was found? At times things reappear almost magically, even miraculously. Why is that we struggle so much when we lose things? You lose a favorite pen, or a worn...

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To forgive or not forgive…

        Helmut Thielicke once said, ‘The business of forgivness is by no means a simple thing…   We say, “Very well, if the other fellow is sorry and begs my pardon, I will forgive him, then I’ll give in”…  “The other fellow has to make the first move.” And then I...

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Facing Failure

In my first years of ministry, I was employed in leading the worship and music ministry at our church. During the summers I conducted musical talent shows at the teenage youth camps. One particular camp sticks out in my memory. During the auditioning that summer, I...

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