Recently I read an article entitled You Are A story






Yes, you are, but that story needs to be shared…

Have you ever observed how much of the Holy Scriptures are draped in story?  In reality 1/3 of the Bible is directly centered around a story.


Consider this for starters: 

There are 5 books of Moses, 12 books of History, the prophet Daniel & many minor prophets revolve
around a story (ex. Hosea, Jonah, Habakkuk), the 4 Gospels,  the book of Acts, and the last book, Apocalypse
narrates a story yet to be unfolded.

When we look closer at the first book of the Bible we realize it is mainly telling us a story. Someone has said it is His-story weaved into the story of men. 

– It tells of Abraham’s bold step to follow God’s invitation to Canaan. Once there he enters the divine school of patience and spends 35-years waiting on God’s promise of fatherhood. 

– It narrates Jacob’s deceitful ways’ among his family, his flight from home to save his neck, the search for a wife, and how he’s outfoxed by a father-in-law. Through it all, God works silently in his life’s circumstances to bring him to genuine dependence on Himself. 

– And we read of the paradox of Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph. Loved and honored by his father, but hated and despised by 10 brothers who sell him into slavery. We’re mesmerized by his 20-year journey from bondage to 2nd in Egypt’s high command. Uniquely, in and through the ups and downs, God molds and shapes him for a greater purpose. 

These stories fascinate and captivate our attention. They do so because they were lived, told and shared.


Good times and bad

In the storylines of these men, there were both good times and bad. There were moments of triumph, but also of defeat and heart-wrenching struggle. As we read their stories and identify with their humanness we find ourselves echoing the words of a character in Fellowship of the Rings. In that story, Sam tells Frodo, “I wonder what tale we’ve fallen into?” 

I’m sure the same could be said of us. Wouldn’t you agree?

A favorite author once said, ” It’s in the plot where I (we) find meaning. I (we) can’t change our tragedies.. but I (we) can write a new plot. To do so requires reengaging the tragedies of my (our) life with new patterns.” #DanAllender, To Be Told.

What makes the stories of Abraham, Issac, and Joseph so captivating are how these men interacted and responded to God’s presence and intervention.  They all chose to allow God to enter their stories. Not just the good parts, but in the tragedic parts as well.


Earlier this week I wrote in a short post on FB

Adversity introduces us to ourselves”  If that’s the case, then we should ask, what have you’ve learned about yourself through life’s adversities? Have you ever listed them and considered how you responded to each one of them?

A well-known author says, “To understand our story we need to know our tragedies and as we learn them we will catch a glimpse of how we currently manage tension…” #DanAllender.

So what’s your story?

Have you taken the time to reflect on its parts? The good and the bad? 

Have you ever shared your story with another?

Have you learned to give over all of its parts to the Divine Story Teller?

After all, He is the best Storyteller!






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