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Challenging men and women to move from lives of success to significance.

While leading a church-based cross-cultural men’s ministry overseas that covered a ten-year span, I  was called upon to speak  numerous times in over twelve cities, at men’s and family retreats, conferences and workshops on men’s & women’s issues:

  • Treating the Fragmented Identity (addresses the mistakes moms’ make)
  • Our Identity in Christ: Are we principally sons or servants?
  • Restoring a Broken Identity (Deals with the absent father wound in both sexes)
  • Our core Identity: Who Am I? & What do I do with it? (Looks at six core concepts inherent in every individual)
  • Embracing God as our Father: Maturing through the 6 stages of manhood
  • A man’s True Destiny  (Looks at the difference between success & significance)
  • Building walls or bridges: What’s your preference? – (Deals with the choice between living isolated lives or developing close friendships)
  • Men beyond sports and backyard barbecue: (The battle for intimacy with God over idols)

Personally I  enjoy speaking to men and women on core issues related to their true identity. Often I intertwine parts of my own struggle over my true identity in Christ, while grasping at secondary goals of success and recognition. It brings me great joy to share how God’s intervention brings healing into the heart & life.

After seeing what a difference mentoring and coaching made in men’s lives in Brazil, I  now desires to offer myself, my listening skills and experience to accompany men Stateside through live, face-to-face encounters via skype, telephone and personal meetings.


Personal information

Certified Life Coach (SBC) Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching

Credentialed Personal Christian Life Coach by Intern. Assoc. of Christian Coaches.

Phone: 928 499-0889



I found a safe place to open up my life and fears with Samuel. Finding a safe place to share my life helped me to overcome emotional challenges and grow in maturity.

Daniel Torres

pastor from South Brasil

Our encounters served to lighten my load at a time when I was very stressed out over my ministerial duties. To have the friendship and prayers of a genuine friend makes a great difference in the life of a pastor. I was motivated to grow as a person and a pastor. The experience strengthened me in all the spheres of my life and lent me strength to reach for excellence. I thank the Lord for His good gift of a mentor in my life.


pastor from South Brasil

We met once a week for several months. In each encounter I dared to share my personal difficulties and relational issues. Together we sought for Divine guidance to correct these things. Day after day I began to witness my own personal growth and development. In the end I discovered my mission and purpose: Be persistent in finding and investing in new leaders to serve as small group leaders.  


professional photographer

Samuel was my mentor, coach and friend at a crucial season in my life. Our interactions proved to be most productive. In a non-threatening, natural way, he helped me to better understand myself, my frustrations and those things that were keeping me from a healthy life emotionally, socially and professionally. By way of specific exercises and techniques he helped me to deal with buried emotions of anger towards an absent father, and even towards God as my Father as well.  


Brazilian lawyer

The coaching experience helped me to:

  • grow in self-awareness regarding my weaknesses, qualities, fears, virtues, limitations and dreams, and to clearly see the manner in which God has shaped me by way of my past experiences, inside my family of origin.  
  • Perceive how much God loves me which also strengthened my self-esteem.
  • Continue growing and learning by way of books, workshops, and dialogue.

Besides encouraging me to deal with some of my weaknesses like: lack of empathy, involvement in the education of our son, and greater care with my wife, Edith.

Having a coach, shook me out of accommodation and required me to hold myself accountable Finally, coaching helped me grasp with greater clarity my mission and my priorities for the rest of my life.

Johan Linn

Health insurance broker with dozens of employees

I have been a banker for 27 years in a financial institution.  I was privileged to have Samuel as my mentor and coach for nearly two years. It was invaluable to be accompanied by an older man with so much experience and insight to offer.

By nature I am a very private person, so initially it was difficult to open up about myself. It was especially hard to share weaknesses in certain areas of my life. With time I managed to open up about areas that needed attention – not only my spiritual life, but in my relationships with my wife and children.

My greatest obstacle was my perfectionist tendencies and demanding attitude towards others. That was exactly where I learned to bend, in admitting my own faults as opposed to those of others around me. With time, Samuel helped me to address these areas and problems, and to create an action plan for change. With each encounter we reworked and revisited my goals and then celebrated the victories that came.

Even today, I often revisit those plans and can see how much they changed my life, and served to improve my relationships at work, with my wife and two daughters. 

Paulo Schenfeld

Brazilian banker

The encounters required of me self-discipline, and commitment. The methodology used attracted me and left me pleasantly surprised. Up until now, this period was one in which I grew more in my reading of good materials.

Paulo Pigatto

Brazilian businessman

When I was introduced to Pastor Samuel I had been frustrated by not having had a mentor during the leadership course at my church. While I didn’t really have a clear understanding of what mentoring was, I desired to grow and knew that my growth could be accelerated if I had a mentor. In practice I discovered much more… I learned that in order to grow, I will always need to revisit and reevaluate my relationship with the Lord.  After many years of attending church, we can easily stagnate in our lives.  

Mentoring with Pastor Samuel helped me grow in self-awareness, be more centered on Christ, and helped to set goals for the phase of life I was in at the time. I gained so many insights and resources through the encounters that I felt truly blessed! It is going to take quite some time to unwrap all the material that he left with me.

The real strength of Pastor Samuel is that alongside his vast experience, he continues to grow himself and enjoys sharing his insights with the people he is accompanying. 

Rosane Pessanha

Federal Justice Dept Employee

When I turned 41 Jesus came into my life for real. His great love began transforming my inner self, my marriage and my business. I remember telling Him one day that I wanted to know Him better. So soon after that He led me to meet Samuel. Due to his foreign accent and interest in men at first I found myself laughing at him.  But over time I grasped his heart.  In reality I was starved for the genuine friendship he offered… After spending nearly three years together our bonds grew deep.  Our relationship greatly impacted me both spiritually, in my home and professional life. 

I was not accustomed to telling anyone about my life story. I was always very closed about my inner thoughts and feelings. But as I verbalized my traumas, disappointments, wrong doings, as well as blessings, joys and pleasures, my heart grew lighter, experienced wholeness, and felt healthier. God’s grace became more abundantly evident in my life and past pains began to heal.

Through coaching, I discovered just how important it is to have someone with whom to share your journey. One day, Samuel told me that God had written me 66 love letters. How many had I written to Him? Until then, not one. For the past 44 months every morning when I get up I start by writing a letter to God. It gives real purpose to my busy life. 

Paulo Teles

Acrylic factor business owner with 40+ employees

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