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What is your greatest joy?  Where do you find your greatest delight?


No, I’m not suggesting that delight is found at a certain address or location.    Actually, you can find it in just about any place…

To be sure, there are dozens of things that bring joy: eating a bowl of fresh strawberries or homemade ice cream; watching your sports team win a national championship; walking barefoot along the ocean; or viewing a majestic range of mountains.

While all of those things produce joy & delight, they will not generate your greatest joy. Your greatest joy is linked to actions taken for the benefit of others. That is what brings your greatest delight!

Your greatest joy will intrinsically be tied to others. It’s what God built into our DNA as creatures created in His image. It’s what you experience when you give yourself to serve others. It’s what brings a heartfelt smile to our faces.


It’s what we experience in the child who smiles back at us.

Who is the blessed and who was the benefactor? Both, wouldn’t you agree?

When we truly give of ourselves to another person, it produces a smile on two faces – theirs and ours.


Have you discovered where you find your greatest joy?


Here’s a clue.

It is invariably tied to your gifts, talents and personality and is stimulated by inner passion.  And its linked to your giving of yourself in a way that honors your Creator.

Passion when actively expressed produces deep inner joy and delight. And the delight is greatest when our serving comes from open-handedly giving of ourselves. Passion motivates. Giving unselfishly, produces great delight.

Interestingly, passion is birthed in pain. Past personal trials, loss and disappointments, when properly addressed, motivate us to want to make a difference.

As life progresses one’s passion may shift, but at its center will be a desire to enrich, serve and make a difference in the lives of others.

It’s the difference one finds in a life spent clawing for success versus longing for significance.


Consider these key questions about your passion:

       1. What moves you the most deeply?

       2. What do you most enjoy doing?

3. Where do you find your greatest joy?

4. What is it about this activity that brings you such a sense of life?


Feel free to reflect on these questions in God’s presence. He’s interested in the responses. Once you can answer these key questions you will have a clearer path towards determining what really motivates you. Its pursuit will bring your greatest joy.


If you are interested in giving expression to your heart’s passion, based on your gifts, talents and past story I would love to help you fully discover and pursue a course in that direction.

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