Have you ever said, “My life doesn’t have a purpose” or I  feel like I have no purpose.”… Then read on, I have a few words of encouragement for you. First of all, congratulations on your honesty and transparency. You have now put into words what is already stirring deep down inside of you. You got it out. That’s a big deal.

Also, by stating this as a fact, you are aligning yourself with a greater truth. Life is supposed to have meaning and purpose. Your life should feel like it has a purpose.




When you say, I don’t have a purpose, in reality, you are affirming that you not only should have one but that you want one.  An author friend says that “No other need has a stronger pull for men (& women) than the need for a life that matters.” Pat Morley. 


In other words, we should all discover purpose in our life. So, let me make a suggestion. Rephrase the statement to say,

My life doesn’t have a purpose, yet.

Say that phrase a couple of times. Let the power & strength of the word yet roll over your tongue for awhile.


You are simply stating a present need that you likely want to see changed. You are looking for a sense of purpose and meaning and just haven’t discovered where to find it, YET. It’s not so important to examine your navel to figure out what is causing these feelings or thoughts of frustration, as it is to decide to change your present reality.


Remember this: Purpose is always linked to something that transcends our being, something outside of ourselves. It will be vitally aligned to a cause, a mission or a need in the world around us. A purpose is identified with people. Purpose has an address.

A Mission in life is tied to the gifts, passion, and patterns we know. It manifests itself out of who we are. The factors of age, experience, personality, style, and resources all figure in. There are limits though. While our lives should make a difference we are not the answer to the world’s problems. We are not the next messiah. And while we all have strengths, we also have weaknesses and limitations.

A purpose, mission or direction in life is also very strongly linked to God’s vision for the world.  He is the Ultimate Purpose-giver. He is the One who wants to rescue, redeem, restore, enrich, and empower others through us. I believe that God puts inside each of us a genuine desire to fulfill a specific calling in this life. And the fact that you admit you don’t have clarity about yours is proof to me that you want one. Feel free to ask the Purpose-giver to enlighten you about yours.


Dreams must be tested by the elements

Purpose or mission always grows out of dreams and desires that often lay dormant like seeds planted in the soil.  My friend Dan Allender says, ” A dream without suffering is little more than a fantasy.”  Dreams seem like fantasy unless they are tested by the elements – the wind, rain and intense sun of life’s adversities. While we chafe at trials, disappointments, and betrayal, they are the fertilizer that brings to maturity our dreams and desires. They are what ultimately shapes our purpose in life.

Victor Frankl argued life is a pursuit of meaning itself, and that search for meaning provides the basis for a person’s motivationHopefully, you are motivated to pursue the desires stirring in your heart.  There is much more to say about a Life of Purpose than we can address in this short article, but allow me one last comment.


The fastest, safest way to discern your passion and purpose is having someone walk alongside you in the discovery process. 

Maybe the reason you have not yet landed on a clear sense of purpose or found meaning in your life is that you lack an objective, outside source to help you.

Like a college guidance counselor, you could benefit from the perspective of an outsider who could help you find the answer to your quest…

If that strikes a chord that resonates inside of you, I would love to be your guide in this quest. The best way to reach me is through the contact form on my website. http://www.yournextstepministries.net 

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