I’m so embarrassed.  






I had planned to launch Life Purpose Academy over two weeks ago, but…




But then life happened.


  • We had family return from overseas that needed housing for a few days.
  • My dear wife had to have a 2nd biopsy (gratefully it came back negative for cancer).
  • The web page design team wasn’t able to finish the launch page for Life Purpose Academy.
  • I had a conference to attend on the east coast (Tennessee) that took me away from home for six days.

So, we are still not there, but we are close, so very close.

  1. The videos on the why and how of telling your Life Story are ready.
  2. The web page designers are almost done.
  3. The sign-up calendar for anyone desiring a coaching time is ready.
  4. The desire to interact with you is greater than ever before.
  5. The conference I had attended brought greater clarity and motivation.


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