Jesus vulnerability and God’s sovereignty

Recently I reread the compelling events surrounding Jesus birth to a young Jewish couple from the obscure town of Nazareth. The circumstances around Jesus birth caused me to hold my breath at all the “close calls” his parents faced. His openness to frailty left me in awe.

The unique nature of Mary’s pregnancy had to have been a hard sell to her parents, much less to the neighbors down the street.  The young expectant mother probably didn’t enjoy a huge baby shower.  Herod’s taxation decree produced its own hardships. – Traveling by foot and donkey over 100 miles down to Bethlehem would have taken 3 to 4 days; upon arrival, Joesph couldn’t find decent quarters; Mary endured less than sterile conditions as a mother-to-be, and they had not even a midwife to assist in the birth.

Even the surprise visit by the wise men produced its own level of anxiety and vulnerability. Their sincere longing to worship the King, nearly cost Jesus life, at the hands of the deceptive Roman ruler, Herod. Joseph, Mary, and the young toddler slipped out of town just in the nick of time.

While all of these facts highlight His vulnerability, what most captures my attention in the gospel narrative is that Matthew registers all of these details as fulfilling prophecy. In other words, numerous decades before this God could foresee each detail, challenge, risk, and difficulty. He weaved them all into His plan and purpose and protected His Son.

The parallel to my life does not escape me. Outside my Bible name, my life is not the fulfillment of any biblical forecast. And yet, according to the psalmist, God also knew my origin and my life story before I was born. Furthermore, God is in control of the circumstances, challenges, ups, and downs of my story as well.

God had plans for us to interact, to know each other intimately and to grow into a serious relationship. Yes, God also had a plan and purpose for my life. Even in my roughest moments of vulnerability, He is present, waiting for my response to embrace His protection and surrender to His direction.

Your life too was known before you were ever born. Not only that, God also has a plan and purpose for your life. Your part is to choose to acknowledge His plan, purpose, and presence. Yours is to submit to His control and direction.

Consider this…

Down to the smallest details of your life God has been involved. And He desires that your life tell a story – A story that reflects His presence and direction.  You and I can choose to bring glory to God through the stories we write and steps we take each day. And in our vulnerability, we can count on His sovereign hand. So what do you say, we turn our story over to Him?  Please sign-up using the contact form at


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