Sometimes we can’t see any discernible pattern to our life…

So we are prone to say, ” My life has no rhyme or reason…”             But is that really true?

Maybe we’re looking at life from the wrong vantage point, the wrong angle. From our viewpoint we can’t make heads or tales of life. It seems so random. But woven into every life story – the ups and downs, the blessings and trials, the good and the bad, the right and wrong turns, the victories and defeats – is a pattern that God is setting. He is the Master weaver




When we look at life from God’s perspective we will find a beautful fabric being woven into our story. He is weaving a pattern into our lives that includes both our strengths and weaknesses; both our dreams and disillusions; and includes the flashes of joy as well as moments of disappointment.

What is the reason for all the 











The Divine designer wants our story to reflect patterns as unique as the snowflake that falls from the sky.


Most of us know that each snowflake has its own unique pattern. But do you know why? Each crystal acquires its unique pattern in its flight from the clouds down to earth. It is the result of a battle. As snow flakes pass through the atmosphere in their flight down to earth they encounter particles of dust and dirt. Thus the beauty of each snow flake is the result of conflict and pain.


So, what is the pattern that God has been weaving into your life story?

Our lives each have a unique message that He wants us to convey to those around us. A message that reflects His character, His beauty, His glory.

Have you ever reflected on your own life story and the patterns it contains? Are you clearly aware of your own unique message? (some people call this mission). Personally, I  would love to hear your Life story, and accompany you in the journey to uncover, explore and pursue the Life Mission that God has designed for your life to tell.

The best way to reach me is through the sign-up form on my website. Contact us at: 

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