What one word best describes

Your sense of life fulfillment?

Satisfied    Anxious    Rewarded    Unsettled    Frustrated    Couldn’t-be-better?

  • IF you feel unfulfilled or only partly satisfied with your success in life at this point;
  • IF success or the effort to achieve it left behind emptiness in the pit of your stomach;
  • IF you struggle to find meaning and purpose beyond financial rewards;
  • If you are living with a tension between what you do and what you’d rather be doing;
  • IF you desire to leave a legacy in people’s lives that goes beyond monetary inheritance… Then, what follows is written for you.

You can’t fix a leaky boat by rowing with a bigger paddle

Many adults who crave greater fulfillment in their lives try rowing with a bigger paddle by:

  • Increasing their workload and/or playing harder at the hobby of their choice.
  • Altering one behavior hoping that will change their level of satisfaction.
  • Ignoring their discomfort, burying dreams, and passion even deeper inside.
  • Investing in one self-help course after another hoping to find the missing puzzle piece.

I understand the quandary. In my past, I tried all of the above options.

If you really want a different outcome, read on…

  • It’s possible to find significance and not just success in life.
  • You can leave behind a legacy that will continue to fuel growth in others.
  • You were meant to make a difference in the lives of the next generation.
  • There’s a proven strategy for fleshing out dreams, passion, and purpose.
  • You were designed to go beyond reaching for success to finding meaningful significance.

My personal search for significance…

At mid-life, I felt uneasiness in my overseas calling. Even though I was living in the tropics in what many would describe as an ideal climate, I was dissatisfied in my role as a career missionary. Mine was the ideal world – I was my own boss, no one was looking over my shoulder; my financial backers made few demands, and in short, they were pleased with my performance.

But deep within were unexpressed hopes and aspirations. I wanted to move in a different direction – a new role, free from the predetermined expectations of the past. I wanted to jump off my ministry treadmill and break with the status quo. In short, I wanted to invest primarily in new and emerging leaders.

What if…

What if instead of leaving behind monuments to what I had done, I could leave behind a legacy of men and women I had poured myself into so that they could be successful?

As soon as I gave space and room to my dreams, a close friend sucked most of the air out of the ideas and said, “You’re crazy to make a change now at this stage of your life!”

Fortunately for me, soon after that, I looked up a friend who was open to listening to my story. He fanned the flames of my hopes and dreams. Not only did he listen, but he encouraged me to give life to my desires and dreams. With bolstered courage, I stepped out to pursue those seedling desires.

Rather than share my testimony about the outcome of those choices let me share the words of a couple of the men who too had buried dreams.

Before I began the process of life coaching with Samuel. I was a very insecure adult, with a damaged self-image. Through our encounters I discovered various past emotional wounds that needed to be addressed. Through the coaching process I defined my life mission, discovered my talents and have now begun to pursue it in earnest.


professional photographer

The coaching experience helped me to:

  • grow in self-awareness regarding my weaknesses, qualities, fears, virtues, limitations and dreams, and to clearly see the manner in which God has shaped me by way of my past experiences, inside my family of origin.  
  • Perceive how much God loves me which also strengthened my self-esteem.
  • Continue growing and learning by way of books, workshops, and dialogue.

Besides encouraging me to deal with some of my weaknesses like: lack of empathy, involvement in the education of our son, and greater care with my wife, Edith.

Having a coach, shook me out of accommodation and required me to hold myself accountable Finally, coaching helped me grasp with greater clarity my mission and my priorities for the rest of my life.

Johan Linn

Health insurance broker with dozens of employees

Do you want to uncover a way to find what these men found?

Based on a score of years working with others like you I’ve created a methodology and strategy for helping others discover and pursue a clear sense of life purpose.

In our sessions together you will (1) Prepare & tell your Life Story, (2) Affirm your spiritual gifts and talents, (3) Revive your dreams, (4) Address unprocessed trials, (5) Name your passions, (6) Define your life purpose and mission and (7) Celebrate your move into a unique calling.

Here’s what I believe about your life going forward…

  • I believe that no matter what you have already achieved or failed to achieve, your best years are yet ahead.
  • I believe that you were designed to make a significant difference in your world of influence.
  • I believe that you have unique gifts and abilities that equip you to make that difference.
  • I believe that inside of you lie dreams and desires that need to be pursued.
  • I believe that together we can discover the unique life calling that God intends for your life.

Remember this about the game of life… 

The outcome of any game is decided in the 2nd half. The game changer strategy is hammered out at half time by the coach with his team.

Invite me into your “locker room” and together we will determine the strategy for changing the outcome of your game.

Life Purpose Academy consists of seven sessions (frequency and timing of encounters will be determined together). The cost for your personalized attention is:

Life Purpose Academy $875.00

Pay in full today and receive a $ 50.00 discount

Final Cost   $ 825.00

If you prefer, make 3 payments of $310.00 = $930.00

Click the button below, fill out the order form, and together we will begin the journey to discover what dreams lie unfulfilled inside of you.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at samuel@yournextstepministries.net

or call 928 499-0889.

P.S. For the last twenty years I pursued my dreams and passion in my overseas career. The legacy I left behind continues to reproduce results in the scores of men and women whose lives I poured myself into. I would love to be your friend, coach, and next encourager.

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