” A life that is familiar with its story reveals much about the character of God”  Dan Allender

A Life worth living is a Story worth Telling

Have you ever considered the idea that God invites us to tell His-story through the pages we are writing in the chronicle of our lives?  The best way to capture the significance of our life story is to see it in light of God’s authorship in writing His-Story throughout the eons of time.

God’s writes using universal themes

Throughout the ages, God’s narrative highlights scores of themesCreation, Redemption, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Restitution, Substitution and Sacrifice, Life transformation, The Incarnate Word, The Inspired Word, Victory over sin and death, Eternal Life, His Kingdom, Eternity, Submission to His sovereignty, His divine qualities, Relationships & Community, Spreading the Good News to all nations, The Cross before the Crown, The Fruits of the Spirit, Dying to truly Live. These are a few that come to mind.

So how do these themes play out in the day-to-day living of people like us? Our lives are so short. How do we participate within the limits of the three score and ten were allotted? The answer is really quite simple. We discover the divine theme (s) that fit our life story and we embrace it and make it the core thesis of our life. Our lives were made to reinforce and enhance what God is doing in His-story.

Let me illustrate this idea by using the example of a well remembered era from last century. WW II.

Within the wrestlings of war played out on the world stage between the Axis and the Allies were embedded the accounts of literally thousands of real men and women. Their tales became parts of the bigger drama. Theirs was a drama for survival. Often they grappled with and modeled self-sacrifice, heroism, honor and dignity. While there were negative tales – greed, betrayal, pride, selfishness and inhumanity – these we choose to forget and not emulate.

They teach a story within their story

In the prison camps of Japan we learn the importance of human dignity and faith in God in the life & death struggle of Louie Zamparini.  /billygraham.org/story/louis-zamperini-billy-graham-and-a-life-changing-decision-the-rest-of-the-unbroken-story .

We marvel at the Gratitude, Hope, and Insightfulness into life recorded on the pages of the diary of Anne Frank.

Oskar Schindler, a German businessman rescues us from selfishness and greed through the 1000 plus Polish Jews he “purchased” as employees in his war factory.

After the wars’ end and her release from Ravensbruck, Corrie ten Boon models to us Forgiveness of your enemies (her captors).

Victor Frankl, a survivor of three prison camps, thrived after the war to share with us, Man’s Search for Meaning. Why believe in others

So, what theme (s) from God’s greater story are you writing? Those who discover this truth, align themselves with His purposes and end up writing a story well worth the reading.

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