Lately, I’ve been moved to think about heaven.


While we have little concrete, tangible information to envision what heaven will be like, we do know that if God is preparing it (John 14.1-4), it must be awesome.


Yes, we know that it is paved with streets of gold and there is a river that flows out from God’s throne throughout the city.  But what else can we surmise about heaven, beyond robes of white and people playing harps?


We do know this that God’s will reigns there.


That means, that there is no despair in heaven. In other words, no disappointments, no doubts, no dismay, or even any unanswered why’s.

There is no fear in heaven.  For the Bible says that God is love and that perfect love casts out fear (I John 4,18).  So there is no reason to believe that fear or any of its relatives reside in heaven – anxiety, anxiousness, anxious thoughts, angst, or any form of uncertainty.

There is no conflict in heaven. That means war, anger, rage, violence, misunderstandings, being judged nor judging others, taking sides, enemies, or strained relationships do not live there either.


It is encouraging to know that none of these things can be found in heaven.


What things, can be found there?


Peace, perfect peace is evident there. Calm abounds in its streets and corridors. Continual release and rest are not just passing fancies there.  These things too are permanent fixtures in the heavenly kingdom.


One of the center pieces of the celestial town are sites unequaled for awe-struck beauty.


The Creator of the universe has given us a few clues as to the awesomeness of the heavenly city in a score of earthly sites.

  • Witness an early morning sunrise or a multicolored sunset as it paints across the horizon.
  • Watch billowing puffs of white as they form and transform their shape in assorted shades of white.
  • Listen to pounding surf as wave after wave laps the shore in front of you.
  • Experience your own dwarf-ness standing before a majestic mountain that is glittering in the sun rays dancing across its rocky face.
  • Add an eye-catcher sunrise or sunset to an ocean view and the beauty and majesty experienced get multiplied many times over.

You can begin to catch the picture.

If we can be overwhelmed with the beauty of the creation we can see, how much more majestic and awe inspiring must heaven be. There we will see the Creator in ALL his majesty and beauty. We will truly be awestruck with our Heavenly Father.

God tells us to pray, “Thy will be done here on earth as it is, in heaven.” (Matthew 6.10).

In heaven, His will is always done. Majesty and beauty reign there every day. Peace, calm, and rest are natural residents of that place.

So while we don’t know many details about that place we can use our sanctified imaginations to catch a glimpse of what heaven is like.


Back in 2014 I almost died. While I was laid up in the hospital for 8 days my wife prayed that I would not pass out of this life. I prayed for deliverance from the grave. Friends and family prayed that I would recover.

But listen. For those who personally know the Lord, Heaven is not punishment.

 Heaven will be all that we have just feebly described and more.

Are you anticipating taking up residence there some day?  I am.

While we wait, why don’t we work to fulfill in our life styles and choices the center piece of that prayer mentioned at the start.

May thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…








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