Unpacking Life’s greatest gifts

What would you say are your greatest gifts, talents and abilities in your life?

Have you taken them out of the package they came wrapped in?

I can still remember one special Christmas eve morning when my sister and I crept out of our bedrooms to view the presents under the tree. There were so many beautifully gift wrapped things. We were amazed.  All of a sudden one of us had a bright idea. ” Why don’t we put our gifts in piles at either end of the tree. That way when we open them later it will be so much easier to opening them when mom and dad wake up?” . It sounded like a great idea. So we did. And so as to not get in trouble we went back to bed to await a more decent hour…

When our parents came into the front room a few hours later they were furious. They had arranged the packages under the tree with such creativity that it had looked picture perfect. Who had messed with their arrangements? All we had done was sort them according to the persons to whom they were designated. We hadn’t opened any presents. Not  a single one.

Many people seem more enamored with the gift wrapping than the actual usefulness of the gift itself.

” Look what talents I have! Did you know that I have a gift for building things?”

“You do? Well that’s nothing. You should see what talents I have in my bag…”

To be sure we can admire the number of gifts and talents that each of us have, But, until we unwrap them and start to use them, they are just that, pretty packages.

So, the question is not how many gifts, talents and abilities have you received? But what are you doing with them?

Luke records (Luke 19:11-27) Jesus story of the the parable of three stewards. When the Master returns, the question He will ask is, “What did you do with the talents I gave you”?  Another words, to what point did you invest the talents I gave you?  Did you take a risk and seek to make a difference in this world, in the lives of others?

Beyond a doubt life is risky and life is not easy. But, we need to be sure that we aren’t just admiring the gifts at our feet.

If you would like to work on unwrapping the gifts, talents and abilities that you were given by the Master with a Life Purpose Coach, I would love to help you do that.

Check out Life Purpose Academy at our web site. http://www.yournextstepministries.net 


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