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Ever felt that trials, troubles, & pains only come in triplets?  

When trouble comes splashing on our window pane it deposits multiple droplets with it.

It’s what causes us to say, “When it rains, it pours….” The trouble with trials is that different than rain, they often hang around a few days. Even when the trouble recedes we’re left with waterlogged souls struggling to figure out what went wrong. We ask, “Why did this have to happen to me…?” The truth is this. Before dreams can become a reality (yesterday’s theme) they have to be confronted by storms and trials. Maybe that is why some of our hopes and dreams never reach the daylight. When adversity pours in, instead of tackling the clammy, clingy questions, we run inside for cover.


Dreams are much like fine cheese.

In order for any cheese to be edible, it first has to be cured. So too with hopes and desires. In order to be realized they have to be cured in the trials of life.


Have any unprocessed disappointments from the past?

Have you learned to examine and address your life trials? Have you gotten past the “why me’s” to ask the “what-does-it-all-mean” question? Sometimes we get stuck in the negative memories of the past that only stifle our dreams. We’ve never truly confronted the pain that rain-soaked our hopes and ambitions. Could you use a friend to help you process unresolved, unsettling past trials?


I believe that many dreams get stuck at the “if only I had…”  stage because past trials were never fully addressed.


I would love to walk with you and help address any major unprocessed trials that froze or kept your dreams from turning into a reality.


Please consider the value of a life coach. I would act as a guide to bring perspective and clear the path for discovering your dreams. Then you can truly experience a life with a clear sense of purpose and meaning. Sign up now! And be among the first to become part of the Life Purpose Academy! Use the sign-up form at the website: http://www.yournextstepministries.net

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